100 Bits for you!

$115.00 - $165.00 / Sold Out

Kia ora! Time to fundraise!

I need to call on my community for a bit of ca$h to support a few opportunities I've been given.
But there's something in it for you as well!
(Bluntly–cheap jewels!)

I've tried to make this as simple and as silly and as fun as possible.
Let us see how it goes.. it is a little convoluted.. whoops

I'm going to make 100 wee bits, all related to the symbols I've been using in my work.

- They'll be made to order and numbered
- You choose the style but it'll be a bit of a lucky dip how exactly it will come out
- All the bits and findings will be sterling silver
- All made just for this wee fundraiser
- Bits are $115 each ($15 for GST, for we are all tiny tax collectors)
- Bits will be between 10 and 20mm ish
- Bits will be sent early August
- Bits can be charms with clasps, studs, on a sleeper or for a bit more on a ring
- Bits can be joined together
- Bits with words you get to choose the word
- Shipping included
- Rings are gonna be about a size 7, which I've found most folk have one finger that fits. Y'all can get it resized locally if needed 😊

Please refer to the most excellent diagrams for the styles and also some indicative ways they can come to you. Get as many or as few as you like.

Make sure you include a note when you checkout or email me how you want the bits to be if you're ordering a few!
If you want to order a ring with a couple of different bits on, just select ring once and then order the other bits as studs/sleepers/charms and make sure to email me how you want them.

A bit silly, a bit novel, I hope a bit successful too.
Thank you for supporting me.
Hot damn!